About IronForce Supply

IronForce Supply was started in 2012 as a rebar and construction materials store. We provide materials and accessories to concrete contractors that are in the paving, construction and concrete industry. Our company supplies materials for both large and small projects. There are also a number of machines and equipment available for rent.

We strive to provide the best customer service. Our knowledgeable staff act as mentors and guide customers from start to finish. As a local business, we can promise you 24 hour delivery to any job site in and around the Houston area. That’s our guarantee! Check out the other tabs to see what other services we offer.

At IronForce Supply, we see how hard you work. We see the early mornings and the long hours. We get you. You’re like family to us. That’s why IronForce Supply delivers quality materials on time, every time. We work hard for you, so that you have one less thing to worry about. Call us today, and we’ll make sure delivery is never an issue.

Your friends at IronForce Supply
We provide everything for the concrete contractor up to the point when they are ready to pour the job. When they are preparing the site, we offer compaction equipment to pack the dirt. We also have general hand tools which can be used to work the ground.

When preparing the site they are going to need to make the form to correctly shape the concrete. We sell all the lumber that is needed for that. Once the shape of the concrete is set up we supply the rebar. We have machines to prepare the ground, accessories to put the rebar in place, tools to work the rebar, tools to work the ground, shovels, and pliers to tie wire in the rebars. We also have tools to work the concrete, including metal working tools like the trowels and machines to finish the concrete.
At IronForce we have a rebar calculator which enables us to calculate how many pieces of rebar you need. We offer “The Takeoff,” which is an estimate on how much material you will need for your project. Customers can call or send over blueprints of the project and we'll let them know how much material they will need based off of the plans. This service is free with your purchase of the material.

We have a manual rebar bender and we are also able to sell a hydraulic rebar bender through one of our vendors. With a manual bender you use your hands to bend the piece of rebar to the shape you need. A hydraulic unit will bend the bars easily for you. Call us today or visit our storefront and we'll help you figure out what's right for you.
Redwood is specifically used in the concrete industry because it’s used as a wood for joints. And, it’s also required by the city as part of the specifications for building a parking lot or site. You have to have redwood in the joints. A lot of that has to do with the properties of redwood, it’s much harder for redwood to be eaten up by bugs. Yellow pine would rot fairly quickly with moisture and bug, so it’s not good for ground contact. When you’re putting wood in the ground you need to use redwood. Call us today for a quote.
Houston's going through some hard times right now. To help with the reconstruction efforts after Hurricane Harvey, we are supplying sheetrock and insulation materials to customers. As a building store, we have access to a lot of the materials necessary for rebuilding damaged homes. We decided to gather a small inventory of those items for our clients. A lot of our customers are in general construction as well and have started doing remodeling. Call IronForce Supply today, and we’ll help you get the materials you need!