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Rebar and accessories

At IronForce we have a rebar calculator which enables us to calculate how many pieces of rebar you need. We offer “The Takeoff,” which is an estimate on how much material you will need for your project. Customers can call or send over blueprints of the project and we’ll let them know how much material they will need based off of the plans. This service is free with your purchase of the material.

Lumber, Plywood and Redwood

Redwood is specifically used in the concrete industry because it’s used as a wood for joints. And, it’s also required by the city as part of the specifications for building a parking lot or site. You have to have redwood in the joints. A lot of that has to do with the properties of redwood, it’s much harder for redwood to be eaten up by bugs. When you’re putting wood in the ground you need to use redwood.


To help with the reconstruction efforts after Hurricane Harvey, we are supplying sheetrock and insulation materials to customers. As a building store, we have access to a lot of the materials necessary for rebuilding damaged homes. We decided to gather a small inventory of those items for our clients.

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