2x4x10′ Magnesium Super Flat Paver’s straightedge w/10′ Hdl, Braces & Brkt

2x4x10′ Magnesium Super Flat Paver’s straightedge w/10′ Hdl, Braces & Brkt

Made with of Genuine Extru-Lite? magnesium which is 30% lighter than similar straightedges. Strong, lightweight Paver's Straightedge designed for a super flat finish. Quality material won't rust extending the life and use of tool. This straightedge is built for strength and rigidity, but lightweight enough for the largest of jobs. This durable and accurate highway straightedge and checking tool is lightweight enough to easily maneuver around large slabs for checking the surface. The 10' tool moves along large slabs. The rectangular blade is 4" tall and 2" wide for proper coverage. Plastic end caps extend the life of the tool by eliminating the opportunity for concrete and other materials to build-up within the blade. Braces extend from the blade up to the handle for balance and straightness. Quick release pins on the braces allow for ease in set up and breakdown of the tool. The braces connect to a rollar bearing collar for easy tool adjustments. Kraft Tool's Knucklehead? II bracket (CC296) connects the handle and blade for easy adjustments with the turn of the handle. A 10', 1-3/4" aluminum button handle (CC291) completes the tool. Must ship via truck due to length. Proudly made in the USA.

Durable, accurate straightedge and checking tool, lets user produce flat, even surface
Lightweight Genuine Extru-Lite? Magnesium construction
30% lighter than aluminum
Straightedge and checking tool for flat surface
Plugged ends eliminate build -up in tool
Roller bearing collar for easy adjustments
Comes with braces with quick release pins
Includes adjustable Knucklehead? II and 10' aluminum button handle

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KT CC714

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