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Wood and rebar are both essential products in construction. We at Iron force ensure the top quality of the material. Wood has been utilized as a building material for a long time. It is because of its tensile strength and heat resistance that provides accurate stability. Rebar helps withstand concrete and is sufficiently strong to compress force to avoid any tension crack. Rebar is a reinforcing robust steel bar to effectively bond with the concrete. It gives guaranteed resistance and support to loads.

Wood: Readily Available and Standard Natural Resource

Ironforce has wood material, an exceptionally flexible material used to build shelters, houses, and furniture for home décor. The best part about wood is how it can be fabricated into seemingly beautiful structures as per design. To build something that sustains what matters the most is the quality of product and its resistance. It is a perfect example of sustainable work that is biodegradable and renewable, and no high-energy fossil fuels are needed to produce it.

Rebar Stainless Steel: Provides Immense Structural Strength

When it comes down to stainless steel, rebar turns out to be five times better bonding with concrete. It is an essential source of material in construction because it will carry a significant load and maintain a layer of balance to avoid any crack and damage. Ironforce has solid reputation for providing excellent customer service.

We carry everything you require in varying grades of rebar steel like a carbon steel bar, epoxy-coated reinforcing rebar, galvanized rebar, wire mesh rebar, and more. We have an incredible wood collection of aesthetic options, thermal, mechanical and acoustic properties for building projects.


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Wood and Rebar: Durable and Resistant Products for Construction

Wood and rebar as reinforcing steel have long-lasting benefits during construction. Some of them include the following:

  • Rebar offers much sturdy support for concrete constructional projects over any other ordinary alternative that encompasses steel wires and fiberglass.
  • Rebar and wood are both resistant to concrete by several times.
  • They both provide tensile strength to your construction project for an enduring time.
  • Rebar prevents those unannounced cracks from wiping out your project to dust.
  • Wood can be crafted into customized structures as per the project’s requirement, and a fine quality wood is what we offer for viable usage.

The natural cellular structure of wood results in a higher insulation rate that reduces fuel burden and is energy efficient. It regulates levels of humidity to a small degree.

Rebar makes the stability much more convenient to set into place before we flow out the concrete. Most large-scale industries require rebar that adds strength to the concrete and how resilient it is to continually exposed environments. We offer unmatched quality of wood and rebar material that notably emits low volatile organic compounds keeping in mind our customer and environment sustainability.

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